Weddings FAQ

Do you use amplification?

I do use a small amplifier. I’m always careful to stay at a volume where people can converse easily over the music. More often than not, the acoustic guitar just doesn’t put out quite enough sound without a little extra amplification.

Do you need access to electricity?

No, my amp is battery powered and I don’t use any other electronics. This makes playing an outdoor event very convenient, since I won’t need to run an extension chord to the nearest power supply.

What will you play before/during the ceremony?

During the prelude, I’ll play an assortment of classical guitar music. You’re welcome to request any songs you would like me to play during the prelude. Or, I could just put together a half hour selection of music that is appropriate for a wedding. I’ll make sure all selections are happy, festive sounding, and easy to listen to.

For the ceremony, I will play the music selections that you have chosen. I am open to requests (please see the rates page for more information about this). I also know many of the traditional wedding songs, if you want to use them.

Is there anything you need us or the venue to supply?

The only thing I need is a chair, without arms, to sit in while playing and while the ceremony is underway. Other than that, I’ll bring everything else I need.

Can we request songs?

Yes. My standard wedding pricing includes requests for up to 2 songs that I don’t already know. You can also request any songs that are already in my repertoire, which won’t count toward those two. If you have requests for more than 2 songs that are not in my repertoire, I could do them for an extra $30 per song.

What do you wear to a performance?

I’ll wear whatever is most appropriate for your ceremony. Anything from a suit and tie down to casual are fine with me. Just tell me what will be best.

Can you participate in the rehearsal of the ceremony the night/day before?

As long as it is in the Triad area, I am open to being in the rehearsal for an extra $50 fee. See the rates page for more information.